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Art Lee -- Nature Photographer, Singer-Songwriter

The Nature Of My Life

Growing up, I explored forests, lakes and streams near my home. My parents took me to National Parks. I backpacked with the Boy Scouts, became an Eagle Scout and went on to serve ten years as a Scoutmaster.

From an early age, I sang in choirs and musicals. In college, I married a singer. We sang together often, including fifteen years singing in a weekly television broadcast.

For work, I tried professional golf, but made money as an electrical engineer and as a military officer. I served twelve years in the Air Force until I lost my career due to downsizing.

Starting over, I photographed National Parks--hiking, backpacking and climbing thousands of miles! I wrote songs about my experiences and created my one-man stage show, Nature Sings: Spirit of Our National Parks.

A school principal attended one of my shows and invited me to do assembles. The kids loved it so I started a nonprofit organization, Arts and Nature, to educate about nature through the arts.

Better Care for Nature

If I tell you what to do, you might say, "Mind you're own business!" If I explain the end of life as we know it, you might turn away. If I sing a joyful song, you might sing along. And, while we're singing, we might do better.



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